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Who wouldn’t want to work with someone who is surrounded by so much fun

Recently I attended the annual Surtex show in New York City, a place where creatives gather to sell, promote and network their art. I went hoping to see the trends, get inspired and hopefully network my own art and business. After a very tiring and inspiring day I headed home from the city with a bag full of catalogs, brochures and magazines. Over the next few days I poured over all the info I lugged home on the bus and started to see the same name pop up over and over again. I have long learned that when this happens I need to pay attention. With the universe’s prompting I began to search out the woman named Lilla Rogers. Wow what a creative, inspiring, powerhouse of a woman she turned out to be. Lilla an artist herself is one of the most renowned international talent agents. Representing people like Helen Dardik, Lisa DeJohn and Jenn Ski while working with companies like Paperchase, Blue Q and Crate & Barrel.


Lilla’s new book

Lilla has been an artist forever, but it’s her passion for teaching and helping other artists achieve success that really makes her special. She has an e-course called “Make Art That Sells” that she recently incorporated into a book titled “I Just Like to Make Things”. Determined to grow my business over this summer break as my #1 goal, it made sense to seek out this book. I have to admit I read it in one sitting, engrossed in all of her tips and encouragement. I’ve since reread it a few more times with my highlighter and sticky notes near by.


The universe whispered in my ear again when I came across an announcement that Lilla Rogers Studios would be holding an global talent search to find her next great artist. The winner at the end would be given the opportunity to be represented with her agency for two years. A life changing opportunity. For me it was a no-brainer and I quickly did what was needed to throw my hat into the ring. Just the other day I received my first assignment. Although I am not allowed to say much, I can tell you that I was “briefed to create a playground themed journal cover as if Paperchase were my client”. Oooh, how exciting this was going to be.

lila 1

Some sketches to get the creative juices flowing

So here’s where you can help me out a bit. When I say the word playground what comes to mind? Is it children laughing, swings and slides or maybe kickball. Let me know what your memories are. In the meantime while I work on my ideas I’ll share a page from my sketchbook as a little teaser. I will share my completed piece with you all after it has been entered. For now if you would like to know more about Ms Rogers and what she does feel free to visit her website at http://lillarogers.com . Wish me luck!



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