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As many of you know I went back to school a few years ago to complete an art degree started in my much younger days. That journey was completed this last May when I graduated magna cum laude from Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia with my BFA in graphic design and illustration. At times it was a challenge balancing working full time, going to school full time, being a mom of 4 and a wife, but truly loved almost every minute of it, especially learning new skills and techniques and challenging myself to reach far into my creative depths. A few days after graduation I was already missing that, enter the Make it in design group.

Make it in design is an organization and website started by designer Rachel Taylor. She runs a blog, a school and the magazine “MOYO” that’s the go to for people in the surface pattern design world. I read Rachel’s magazine and blogs and love learning from her expertise. She also runs several online classes through her design school. I have looked at them often and dreamed of one day being able to take a class or two with her. While perusing her blog I noticed an announcement for a summer school program that would give those who registered the opportunity to be challenged with the briefs at three different skill levels. Needless to say I jumped at the chance.


Our first design brief had a sunny color palette and a geometric theme


As part of the brief we were asked to show the designs on swimwear

I was shocked to learn that almost 5000 artist from around the world had registered to participate in this new summer school experience. I was mixed with excitement and a little apprehension not knowing quite what I had gotten myself into.


Brief two gave us a new palette to draw from and a theme of animal prints


My take on what an animal print might look like

What has unfolded over the last few weeks has been wonderful. A FB community was started and artists from around the world began to communicate with each other. Sharing their works in progress, their fears,encouragement for each other and at times impromptu tutorials on the finer idiosyncrasies of the Adobe programs.

The briefs have been fun and challenging, pushing me to learn and explore more from myself. The first week we were given an appropriate summer color palette to use and and the request to display our designs on swimwear. My completed design reminded me of both the disco and art deco periods. The second brief challenged me to create an animal print, not something I would go to normally. So I designed a take on the traditional animal print and placed them inside elephants, then lined them up. I was surprised to learn that a group of elephants is actually called a parade. Who knew?


The Final brief inspired by feathers


Displayed as wallpaper

Our final brief was sent a few days ago. Again with a suggested color palette and the instructions to create a feather inspired design. I started playing with the what you would traditionally think of when someone says the word “feathers”. But allowing myself to have fun and the permission to play and explore, I ended up going in a totally different direction. Creating digital feathers and arranging them into a pleasing pattern. Overall I have loved every minute of the designing, networking and friendship building that has occurred. I’ve enjoyed the inspiration this opportunity has supplied and I look forward to working further with my new design friends and watching their design careers blossom.

If you would like more information on the summer school or if you want to look at some of the fabulous work created go to http://bit.ly/1prRgAf and check them out. You’ll be inspired too. So excuse me now while I go enjoy the last bit of the official summer and celebrate my success in summer school.



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