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Last week after a good bit of time thinking about it, several months researching and putting it together, I finally launched my online art shop. My new shop http://www.theshopatgracefullarts.com will be a place to find original art works, as well as prints that I create. A way to put myself and my art out into the world. The internet has made it possible for artists to be in charge of their careers and not wholly rely on stores, galleries and agents to represent and sell their creations. That can be a good and a bad thing. I think it is especially fortunate to those of us who are in the infancy of our careers.


“Oh Joy” – mixed media piece, available now as a print in the new shop

I took a bit of time to really find the right fit for me and the shop. I wanted a software program that would work with my current brand and would allow me to tweak it so that it would communicate with my current blog and website. I also wanted to make sure that my delivery of a fine product would also represent me. That meant determining the best products and printing practices to use, for a quality product. As well as what was the best way to package and ship the art once it was purchased. That research wasn’t all work but a little fun too,  as I got to pick the brains of some of my favorite artists and buy a little art from them for myself so I could experience their process. (It was research remember) Lucky me as I now have their work hanging in my studio. Thank you Stephanie Ryan and Jessica Swift for answering questions and for the new art on my walls.


The print “Tribal Gecko”, part the PHD collection in the shop

After I had all my ducks in a row, so to speak, in regards to the software, shipping and printing, I then had to figure out what work would best represent me in the shop. I have two art personalities, one is more graphic in nature and the other more painterly. I wondered how I would integrate them both into the shop. The answer was right under my nose and it took my good friend, artist Joe DeVito, to point it out. He said that even though the styles were different, their feeling and meanings were the same. So the more graphic feeling art will fall under my Pamela Hamilton Designs collection (or PHD). That’s where a lot of my surface pattern work and posters live. The other more painterly mixed media art lives under the Gracefull Arts collection. Both collections portray my hopes that my art can make someone happy, bring a smile to their face and a whisper to their souls.

One of the things I wanted to incorporate into the site were testimonials. I was a bit shy in asking others to tell me how my art made them feel, but not one person said no. It also was a blessing to me when they did start sending me their words of appreciation rolled in, as it proved to me, that what I was feeling and seeing when I created my art, they were feeling it too. So many times I create art intuitively, not knowing what will show up or the message that will come through. This was proof that I was listening.


“Be Yourself” available as a print with or without the quote

Here are just a bit of what some have said.

“When I look at Pam’s work I find that I smile. Her choice of colors make me Happy. The world could use more Happy!” – Susan Smith

“Pam I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy that you have decided to pursue your love of Art. The variety of technical skills you apply to both old and modern style art and prints are all wonderful communications of your emotions and provide perfect harmony with hints of nature throughout! Thank you for sharing your treasures!” – Lisa Walton

“I love the way Pam’s artwork makes me feel. Each one of her collections has a unique appeal for me. The color and patterns used in her textiles are pleasant – and touch a warm cord inside. The photography collections are amazing- whether its the dynamic colors of flowers in February (lending hope for spring) or the patterns of New York- there is something so simple, and so soothing to look at. Her artwork, provides a sense of serenity.” – Sue Ann DiVito

“St. Francis” and “St. Clare”, part of the Angels, Saints & Sages collection in the shop

Once the decisions were made on the collections, I needed to figure out which pieces in particular  would fit the shop. Some of you may remember from my last blog about the  peace prayers that were held in Syria by my friend Jimmy Twyman, well the two pieces above are the pieces I began during that peace vigil, St. Francis of Assisi and St. Clare.They were special to me and had to be included. You’ll also find original pieces from time to time for sale and they have their own separate page in the store. Along with our Furry Friends, Everyday Beauty and Angels, Saints and Sages. Then it was time to photograph the pieces and prep them for the website, figure out what I wanted to say and put it all together.

Airmailed #3

Here is an original for sale “Air Mailed #3” part of a 6 piece series

I wanted to be able to have the shop work seamlessly with my current website at http://www.gracefullarts.com as well as the blog you are now reading. So that degree in graphic design from Moore College of Art and Design came into practice, as I was able to brush off my coding skills and make the the three sites communicate. I was able to make it so you can reach the shop from the link at the top of this blog or from the shop link in the website. As well as reach my website and the blog from within the shop. I’ve also added links to my Society 6 shop where you can order on demand specialty items like; phone cases, shower curtains, pillows and much more.

Just a sampling of the items available in my Society 6 shop

The shop has been live for over a week now and I think we’ve shaken out the cob webs and glitches. It’s been fun watching the analytical numbers of how many people have visited the shop, the folks who are signing up for the newsletter and best of all the sales of people who are happy with the art. In the words of Sally Fields in her 1984 Oscar acceptance speech, “you like me (or I should say my art)… right now… you like me. Thank you.”

So hope on over to the shop and have a look around. Let me know what you think. As a thank you for our grand opening use the discount code Blog GO10 for 10% off your next purchase. I’m headed back to my easel now as I begin to prep for the 2016 Surtex show coming up in NYC in May. So you’ll know where to find me and the pups.

Here are the links to my shops and sites;

http://www.gracefullarts.com (full website)  http://www.theshopatgracefullarts.com (the online store) and http://www.society6.com/gracefullartsbypamhamilton (the Society 6 shop)

And a HUGE thank you to those friends who let me pick their brains;

http://www.stephanieryan.com    –     http://www.jessicaswift.com    –   http://www.jdevito.com



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