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Its been a minute since I’ve last written a post. Life has a way of coming at you from all directions. But I wanted to let you all in on what I have been working on. A few years ago I started creating these wonderful intuitive mixed media paintings, not quite knowing where they would lead. I am a strong proponent of listening to spirit, if I don’t, it tends to get quite loud until I do.

The paintings are quite special as I don’t plan what I am going to create. I just listen to spirit and step out of the way. The pieces begin with a message, words of encouragement or prayer. They are then sprayed with essential oils to bless them and allow the images/messages to come through. When I begin to paint its as if I am in a state of meditation. Its with ease that they are created and I am always pleasantly shocked at the end to see the beauty of what has emerged.

Process of the painting; Board with blessing, the beginnings of the backgrounds using paint & papers, the image as it begins to emerge

A glimpse at the mixed media painting of Medicine Woman in process

About 3 years ago I began to feel the nudge as to what direction these special pieces were heading. They would eventually become an oracle deck. Whats an oracle deck you ask? Oracle decks have been around for hundreds of years, some believe that they evolved out of the original tarot decks. The first oracle card deck is believed to have been created by Marie Anne Adelaide (Madame Lenormand). Oracle cards can be used in a similar ways; as divination tools for spirit and guidance. Unlike its predecessor, Oracle cards do not have set rules like in Tarot of arcana, suits, court or pip cards, an Oracle Deck doesn’t hold by any rules. It may contain images, words or messages, something to speak to the reader.

Jessica’s deck with magical animal paintings

My artist friend, Jessica Swift, created a deck with her animal paintings, during the same time I was painting mine, its called “Animal Allies”, she lets the animal spirit world guide us with her beautiful deck. I was so glad to be on that journey with her, I was able to learn a lot.

In January I heard spirit whisper, that is was time to begin to prepare for the birth of the deck out into the world. Wouldn’t you know I had created enough paintings to assemble a deck. Instead of sitting at my paint table and listening to spirit, now I sat at my computer and researched printers, designed the deck and prepped the files. It was a beautiful thing to watch. I don’t know about you, but when I step out of the way and let the universe take over, things tend to run smoother.

Speaking of the universe, it has a funny way of letting you know when you are on the right path. While in the process of beginning to assemble the deck, I came across a book by Tosha Silver titled “Its Not Your Money”. I love to let books that I need to read, come to me when I need them and this one did precisely that. Its about getting out of your own way around abundance. A few days after I began to read  this profound book, I was working on the deck, looking at a set of orcacle cards I use with art by another artist friend, Katie Daisy, titled “The Wild Offering Oracle”. I had seen something I hadn’t noticed before. To my surprise the deck was created by Tosha Silver, yes the same author of the book I had begun reading. The empowering deck is kind of like a companion to the book. I sent Tosha a message telling her the story of the book, her cards and mine and she told me how much she loved it. Talk about kismet.

“It’s Not your Money” book by Tosha Silver, the Oracle Deck by Tosha and Katie Daisy

When the deck is completed and I’m ready to release, the deck will be title “Soul Whisper Oracle Cards”. As of now it will be a 52 card deck, with an image of a painting, title and a few words to guide the reader with their thoughts and journey. I may do a Kickstarter campaign to produce the cards and I will announce that as the production of the deck gets underway.


Mock up of how the deck will appear

In the meantime listen to the universe it has a way of speaking to you that in this noisy world, unless you quiet yourself, you might not hear. Its kind of scary to begin to birth the deck out into the wild, I’m hoping my labor of love will speak to others, from my soul to your soul, may it whisper. Keep listening.

For more info on Tosha Silver, her book and deck go to her website at: https://toshasilver.com/

To order a set of Jessica Swift’s beautiful deck go here: https://www.jessicaswift.com/shop/oracle-cards/animal-allies-oracle-cards/






My little piece of art in its humble home

We never realize how simple little actions, can change someone’s day and in some cases maybe their lives. Life has been a little unpredictable for all of us recently since our presidential election. We may not have any control over the election results, but we can choose our attitudes and how we treat each other. Simple acts, a smile, holding a door, letting someone in line, can make a big difference. No Name Art Group’s recent project could be that simple act.

Since 2011 I’ve been fortunate to be part of this fantastic group of artists whose motto is to use art to promote positive changes for ourselves, our local communities and our world. It was started in 1999 by a small group of artists who worked in the corporate world of deadlines and overtime. They had forgotten what it was like to make art, just for art’s sake. By collaborating on art for art’s sake, they began to make art fun again.


Image from No Name Art Group’s recent project

It didn’t take very long for other artists to joined in on the fun, to remember why we truly make art as artists, to answer that call from our souls. They started to hold shows with the art that was created and people wanted to buy the art, but the art was about the act of simply creating. So they decided to use the proceeds to make a difference. We have raised funds by adorning wine bottles, note cards, water bottles and much more. We include the charities that we’re working with to help their causes. Now the group is “Artists Making A Difference”.

No one could have predicted that the world would need some extra loving when our latest art projects were to be released into the wild. But sometimes the universe has a way of taking care of us when we need it most. The current project touches the world from my little corner of the woods in Doylestown, Pennsylvanis to New York City, California and far off places like, Costa Rica and Australia.

We were all given a rock to create our masterpieces on. When finished, our task was to leave the rock in a spot that someone could admire it and carry the love we’ve placed into them. The art of these tiny canvases is wonderful. Our group has set up a web page to track the rocks travel to their forever homes. You can see it here at http://www.nonameartgroup.org/rocks/ .


Close up of the art’s progression

Creating my piece in a pen and ink style with a scattering of a flowers I placed it a spot that was close to my heart. With the hopes that someone in their time of need, hope and encouragement would find it.

I spent many years volunteering as a chaplain at Doylestown Hospital, visiting with patients and families in times of joy and sorrow, in the ER, ICU and patient’s rooms. It always touched me that I was allowed to be a witness to their heart’s joys, sorrows and pain. Those encounters affect all in involved and leave an imprint on our souls. I still carry a part of all those visits on my own soul.


The Chapel at Doylestown Hospital with its George Nakashima furniture

My little piece of art was left humbly in a tiny little corner of the hospital, atop a majestic piece of art created by the infamous master furniture maker George Nakashima. In a room adorned with a beautiful stained glass wall created by local artist Ed Byrne. The Mary and Gerald Santucci Chapel is a place of hope, quiet and solitude. It was my wish that my little rock would bring the same to someone.


 Colorful stained glass by artist Ed Byrne

I’m excited to watch all the little gems created by our group find their ways home and look forward to our next project. It’ll be another chance to make a difference in the world, even if in a small way. Remember its the tiny pebble, that when thrown into the big lake, makes ripples. Choose today to make a difference, share your smile, hold a door or buy a cup of coffee. It will not only make someone’s day, but your own as well.

butterflyDream, Believe, Be, Inspire…Repeat

What is in those small quiet moments when we take the time to disconnect from electronics and the crazy world spinning all around us. Many times we are caught up in our jobs, the kids and the to do lists, rushing from one place to the next. Yet somewhere deep inside we sense that there is a calm place that our angels and guides are speaking with us, whispering words of encouragement or nudging us towards or away from something. Recently I listened to those gentle nudgings and signed up for a six month painting course with an artist from Portland Oregon, who I have long since admired, Kelly Rae Roberts. The name of the course is what really spoke to me at first, Spirit Wings-An Angel Painting Course to Inspire and Manifest Your Dreams.

Kelly Rae is one of those people who beams with such joy and happy grace. You sense that in her art work, blogs, books and if you follow her on Instagram, you see it in snap shots of her, wear your joy project. I first learned of her when I picked up and read her book, Taking Flight, the book spoke to me in many ways and made me realize that our paths of listening to that small voice were similar. I have been a believer in spirit, angels and the good of the world for many, many years. Its always nice to hit upon a fellow soul traveler. Since picking up that first book I have had the honor of taking and learning from Kelly Rae often. I watch and study how she runs her business, creates her enlightened art and inspires a community of liked minded soul seekers.pastels One of the things I am loving about this course is the introduction to new materials. Much of my freelance work is digital and has me attached to a screen and keyboard. This course is so freeing and such a great opportunity to just dive in and get my hands dirty. Many of my family and friends know how angels or butterflies have been a constant in my artwork and I have done mixed media pieces for many years. Getting lost in the layering and textured backgrounds that it creates. What I haven’t really experienced up till now was the use of oil pastels into the mix. I have to admit I am in love with their rich buttery textures and how easily they blend together. It is like working with creamy buttery yummy-ness. Since being introduced a few weeks ago I’ve been playing with and trying to incorporate them into other pieces that I’m currently working on.

pink2  pink  pink3

An angel through the process –

“Listen to the notes that whisper on the wind”

What has truly been exciting about this art making process, is quieting my mind and truly just stepping out of the way. For me it has become another form of meditation  as I just play with the materials and allow the piece to unfold. I have always admired great artists and writers who, as you gaze at the work or read their books, you have a sense that they stepped aside and allowed spirit to create through them. This is kind of how I am feeling with this current work. I am not sitting down and composing or planning the piece before I start. Honestly I am surprised when I am finished, its as if I am seeing it for the first time its a gift given to me by spirit. I learned a long time ago that when something is effortless and brings you joy, its what you are meant to be doing.

blue2 blue3 “Trust the Whispers that Flutter in on Wings”

Thank you Kelly Rae for inspiring us all with your work and sharing your talents. I look forward to spending the next five months with you and our fellow “spirit angel seekers”. It is my hope that as I continue to quiet my mind, this new artwork unfolding will not only whisper to my soul, but speak to the spirit of the viewer as well.  Until next time dear friends, grab a moment from your busy day to take a few breaths and listen for your own quiet whispers too.

To learn more about Kelly Rae Roberts check out her link here; www.kellyraeroberts.com